........................................................ ........................................... Wardrobe Tips
.......................................................... ...................................................... I have been thinking a lot about wardrobe ideas for family/child shoots lately. Soooo, I thought It would be fun and helpful to put together a page with ideas to help you create the perfect scene for you and your family. Tip 1: Don't be afraid of color! Loooong gone are the days of white, white, white, and black, black, black. Bright happy colors make for a bright happy shoot, I'm convinced of that! If you have a child with fair skin or very blond hair, I strongly recommend not putting any white on that child, unless it's covered with a shirt, jacket, vest, tie, or scarf or other item adding some depth and color. It has a tendency to wash out their sweet little faces! Same goes for you, mom and dad! Don't be afraid to add some fun color to your outfit as well.

Tip 2: Coordinating is key. Matching ... not so much. Be creative with it! You've already put the time and effort into searching for the right photographer for your style and needs, contacting that photographer, paying your deposit and planning around that special day. And, we only photograph ourselves and our families once, maybe twice a year. Have fun with it!

Tip 3: Accessorize! Find a cute, one of a kind piece to put in your daughter's hair. One that she wouldn't wear every day, but that would make her pictures unique and fun.

Tip 4: When trying to be "lazy" when searching for wardrobe for your children {as in, not searching 12 different stores and 10 different online stores to find what you want), stick with the guaranteed cute stuff! Examples, Matilda Jane, Zara, Persnickety, J Crew Crew Cuts.

Tip 5: If you have twins, don't dress them alike! The "coordinating" rule applies here, too.

Tip 6: Another rule of thumb I use when planning out our family picture outfits is this: choose one or two outfits that you are absolutely 100% sure you love and want for your pictures. And then base everyone else's outfits off of those key items. Another good idea moms, I'm talking to you! is finding something YOU as the mother want to wear, look good in, and love. We all have those items. So, you know you'll look good, and jump from there outfit searching for the other members of your family.

Tip 7: Don't be afraid to go completely out of your regular comfort zone! Choose "costume-like" outfits if it applies to you. Tutus, pettiskirts, crazy hats, mismatched socks, big sunglasses, etc.

Tip 8: For the boys. Accessorizing is key. Cute hats, ties, suspenders, rolled jeans, vests, blazers, etc really play up their cuteness. Here are some great shops for boys clothing and accessories: Gap Kids, H&M: You must go in to find the good stuff! H&M is always a slam dunk for boys clothing!
THIS etsy shop, All For the Boys is the best, Cotton On Kids, Crew Cuts, and Anthropologie/Free People/Urban Outfitters for older kids and parents.

Boy no-no's: NO neon colors. NO logos on wording on shirts. NO character shoes. I recommend barefoot or plain flip-flops before tennis shoes that have characters on them. Also, no crocs if possible. Remember, you want your child's photos to be timeless, and shoes and shirts that date them aren't always the best way to achieve that look.

Tip 9: Don't wear a lot of green for your session if your session is in spring or summer. There is already SO MUCH green outside, it just looks kinda silly. Green as an accent color looks great, though!

Tip 10: Please don't wear all black for a family session outside. Or all white. Black and white, to me personally, belong in a studio setting only.

Tip 11: Women, put on some dresses! Girlify (new word, coming to a dictionary soon near you) yourself up! We rarely wear dresses as moms. Usually it's pajama pants or jeans with a tank top picked up off the floor of your bedroom and flip flops ... or that might just be me. Anyhow, dresses (short, long, frilly, simple), are a great way to go for you family pictures, every time. We have every other day of the week to wear jeans.